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Your home or business cannot afford to have infestations of pests! For the homeowner, an insect infestation can cause  huge expenses in repairs to the structure of your home as well as cause major illnesses due to the diseases some of these bugs and rodents can carry.

For the business owner, you run the risk of your clients or customers getting sick or possibly having your business shutdown by the Health Department.

Bug Zappers has the experience, equipment and expertise to rid you of the dangers associated with these kinds of pests.

We have helps hundreds of homeowners and businesses in the Central Ohio area get rid of these types of problems once and for all!

Why put up with pests in your home or place of business? We offer a no obligation FREE estimate on getting rid of the pest problem and keeping them gone for good!

Bug Zappers is licensed and fully insured in the  State of Ohio and serve the following counties in the Central Ohio area: Knox, Delaware, Franklin, Morrow, Richland, Ashland, Marion, Madison, Licking, Pickaway and Fairfield.

Many people have tried using off the shelf pest control products that only temporarily hide the problem or in some cases, actually made the problem worse! Call the professionals at Bug Zapper and get rid of the pest problem for good!

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Don’t Tolerate a Pest Problem, Eliminate It!

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